Cell Phone Repair

Where do you turn for fast and reliable cell phone repair service?

You can turn to the experts at All Computer Medics Inc. Company.

We are an electronic device repair company with cutting-edge stores located throughout the country. We specialize in repairing Android, Apple İOS and windows Cell phone

Our experienced technicians are highly-trained and qualified to perform a variety of different types of repairs including touchscreen and LCD replacement services, water damage diagnostic and repair services and battery replacement. We use only the highest quality parts for all of our repairs and we stand behind our work with the industry's best warranty.

Cell phones are big part of our lives these days, and when yours is malfunctioning or just flat-out broken, it can cause quite the headache. Computer Medics is here to help take your worries away should you end up with a malfunctioning or broken cell phone. We have experience working with all type of cell phones and know what we are doing when it comes to repairing each and every one of them. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android, IOS, or Windows phone, you can count on us to get it back up and running again in no time at all.

Service you can trust

Our mobile phone repair services are top quality and completely reliable, meaning you can put your trust in us to get repairs done right every single time. Our mobile phone repair technicians are extremely skilled and will treat your phone with the utmost of care. Mobile phone repair is what they do, and they do it very well, you can count on it! All of the parts that we use in our repairs are top quality and durable, meaning your phone will not be breaking again after only a few short weeks or months. Our repair services are guaranteed to extend the life of your cell phone significantly.

Mobile Phone Screen Repair

One of the most common repairs we do is mobile phone screen repair. Every day, countless phones are dropped on the ground or down the stairs, resulting in countless shattered screens. Rather than choosing to continue using a phone with a spider web of cracks, bring your phone to Computer Medics and take advantage of our screen repair services including iPhone screen repair. Your phone’s screen is sure to be looking good as new once we get through with it, and that’s a guarantee!



Cell Phone Repair

Cracked screen repair

Microphone / speaker

Charging port

Software Diagnostic



Water damage

Glass & LCD replacement

Battery replacement

Headphone jack

Power buttons